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PLoS ASAP video interview

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The Public Library of Science has announced the six finalists for their ASAP Accelerating Science Award Program. They hired me as a freelancer to record an interview with finalist Professor Matt Todd about his Open Source Science project to crowd-source a cure for Malaria. Adrian Tan worked as my videographer.

Lynne's Sci-Fi News is back online!

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Lynne Gryphon produced a top-rating video podcast back in 2006, and became very popular. Then her show was broadcast on Canadian TV with ads but no pay, copied by people with ads all over the internet. Lynne felt she'd been exploited and so she took everything down. This year she's uploaded the episodes to youtube.

Here's episode 12 where I was a guest. Subscribe to Lynne's youtube channel, she's creating new content. Her website is

Chocolate Mmm

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While searching for chocolate videos for Diffusion, I found this on the Internet Archive:
Chocolate Mmm

Mark Changizi's Head Games

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Mark Changizi is hosting a Discovery Channel TV show called Head Games :

The Internet demonstrated in 1968

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Highlights from the 100 minutes of Douglas Englebert's "Mother of all demos" from 1968 where he demonstrated the windowing and mouse graphical user interface, word processing, databases, computer networking, email, video phone calls and other modern marvels, 45 years ago. Why did take so long? How can we speed the process?

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At the Open Source Developer's Conference 2012, Gavin Smith gave a talk "How to make anything. Or: Robots, Paint, and Lasers". Gavin is from Robots and Dinosaurs, the Sydney Hackerspace, where he can make anything using 3D printing, laser CNC and electronics.

This video was shot on my Looxcie Point Of View camera, mounted on my left ear. The advantage is that my head moves the camera. The disadvantage is that my head moves the camera. I tried the camera stabilisation on youtube, and it seemed wrong. Let me know if you can think of ways to improve the quality. The link up the top is to an OGV 100megabyte video file. The original MP4 is available on the Internet Archive but its over 400 Megabytes. Email me or leave a comment if you'd like the link.

I need that Arduino inventor kit, along with a 3D Printer, and to be able to make those amazing laser cut wooden boxes.
Below is the video Gavin showed of "My little piece of privacy"

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At the MooresCloud product launch, inventor Mark Pesce spared 10 minutes in the stairwell to talk about his networked lamp platform.  MooresCloud, is a playful lamp with a LAMP stack, which means it runs Linux, Apache web server, MySQL database and Python or Perl programming language -L.A.M.P. - it can talk to other networked things.
You can find out more at, and support the project on Kickstarter

This is my first interview using my POV wearable Looxcie camera, and my apologies, but it wobbled a lot. I'm also new to video editing on linux, so I used Openshot until it failed, and then exported video to avidemux to edit the final version. Unfortunately I lost quality in the process. I'll put up a better edited version later. For future videos I'm looking at mounting the camera on my glasses instead of on my ear. It should wobble much less.

Youtube is taking longer to upload so this is hosted on the Internet Archive.

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Zara Choy spoke at Philorum about non-exclusivity in relationships and the appeals of an alternative to our conventional monogamous relationship model.

This video was taken on my wearable point-of-view Looxcie bluetooth camera. Its my first attempt at capturing a talk while seated, and because I didn't want the view-finder in shot, I didn't calibrate enough to notice that the top half of Zara's head is cut off for most of her talk. I know her face is up there, but I didn't know my camera needed to be angled up a bit more. She forgives me. ;-)

Next time I'll have to practice with the speaker while checking the view-finder, and then allow the view-finder in shot to check whether I need to move the camera upwards a little, until I've got the hang of it.

You can also download an audio version of Zara's talk if that suits you better:

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Customs House at Circular Quay was animated for the Vivid Sydney festival 2012, May 25th -June 11th.

First looxcie test video

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My Looxcie wearable camera just arrived, so this is my first test video. I've muted the sound because I had the TV news on. I think the point of view of juggling will look more interesting when you can see my hands, and when you can hear the balls. What do you think?

I badly want these to be on the market! The glasses in the video are from the prototype 20 years ago that has now been miniaturised into invisibility. Steve Mann is 20 years ahead of everyone else in the field, except without a distributor or marketing. Google should recruit him to Project Glass.

Reef Or Madness

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Reef or Madness from ilum - Julie Hollenbeck on Vimeo.

A 16 minute film about Ciguatera Fish Poisoning created By Julie Hollenbeck, Mark Newbill and Ray Trujillo, Jr.

Ciguatera, the most reported "seafood toxin illness in the world" that a majority of the planet has never heard of, infects hundreds of thousands of people a year, some of whose very will to live is tested by the devastating and debilitating chronic neurological affects of the fish-borne toxin.

"Reef or Madness" a short documentary film by University of Miami Marine Affairs and Policy students Julie Hollenbeck and Mark Newbill, that recounts the struggle of chronic Ciguatera sufferers who seek to regain some semblance of their healthy and productive lives following Ciguatera infection and the incapacitating symptoms that can last for years. While Ciguatera is a recognized medical illness, many marine toxin specialists have yet to agree on how long people may suffer with the symptoms of the fish poison, leaving long-term chronic sufferers to feel as if they're more crazy than sick. Their families and physicians wondering the same. "Reef or Madness" will give a "voice" to the sufferers of chronic Ciguatera, who face doubt, confusion and scorn from themselves, their families and friends as well as the medical and scientific communities.

If people knew that the fish they're about to eat is like playing Russian roulette with their health, they might think twice before taking that first bite.

This film was created for $143 using personal, leveraged and collaborative resources.
Marlie Productions, 2010 ©

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Leigh Russell at Dorkbot Sydney demonstrated the behaviour of non-Newtonian liquids by putting a potato starch solution on a speaker and playing tones from his synthesizer through it, producing shoggoth-like effects. The stuff looks like its alive and trying to escape! This one is safe for the kids to try.

This video was broadcast (with my permission) on "Tokudane," which is a weekly morning show on the Fuji Television Network on Japanese TV.

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I'm researching live video streaming, so I tried out which has an app for my Nokia N95 phone as well as iPhones and Androids. I streamed my garden using my 3G phone connection, to test the quality. Streaming by 3G is slower than streaming by WiFI, so the quality has to be reduced. One and a half minutes of video streamed over 3G was 6 megabytes of blocky video, not too bad.

In my garden, I have venus flytraps, sundews, trumpet pitcher plants, and lots of nepenthes tropical pitcher plants.

Subsoma at Dorkbot

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Michaela Davies demonstrates her Subsoma project for Dorkbot Sydney. She and volunteer Kate have wires connected that stimulate their muscles to move to the sound played. Their muscles move involuntarily to "Love Me Tender".

Check out her videos

Vivid Sydney Opera House

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A colourful animated light show projected onto the Sydney Opera House for the Vivid Sydney festival 2011.

3D Zoetrope: Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

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This is a moving sculpture at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image titled: TY the Tasmanian Tiger™.
Its a 3D zoetrope with almost 200 characters. Starring Krome Studios' videogame superstar TY the Tasmanian Tiger(TM) and his friends. It was built using 3D full colour printing with plaster/epoxy characters by RapidPro. When the strobe flashes, the plastic characters come to life.

I took this video in August 2011 on my Nokia n95 8GB

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Hugo De Garis speaking about the future of topological quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and a war over whether to build artificial intellects, at Melbourne University in August 2011. Will humans stay the dominant species?

Exclusive: Occupy Wall Street Activist Slams Fox News Producer In Un-Aired Interview

This is a very clear and articulated explanation of what the protest is about.

Capital K Skepticism video

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I spoke at SkeptiCamp about how Skeptics should be sceptical of their own beliefs, as well as the beliefs of others.

How cells replicate

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When leaves get hot Botanist Dr Andy Leigh gets interested. She spoke to Shannon Jones why she researches how leaves deal with heat as part of the Science Communications Education Project at UTS Science Faculty.

An overview of the Interactive Sculpture exhibition in Ashfield Mall. Ian Burns ran a workshop sponsored by AShfield council where he taught and facilitated the building of interactive sculptures from found objects by local residents
You can see other videos and the photo gallery, and hear the interviews.

Nikki's box of wonder close-up

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Here's a close up view of the ice cream van and the scenery going past it on Nikki's box of wonder at the Interactive sculpture exhibition in Ashfield Mall.

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